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We meet 6Everybody likes a look in somebody else’s space, don’t they?  Well, I know I do. I love seeing where people, live, work, eat and sleep – I find it inspiring to see what colour schemes they’ve used, how their personality translates, and if I’m being honest, I like looking for ideas I can steal and then use in my own space. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that.

WeWork, a company that offers creative co-working space, inspired me to share some pictures of my workspace. I mulled it over at first, wondering if my humble surroundings were stylish enough, modern enough, or even worthy of putting out there for the whole of the world wide web to judge. And then I had a thought. If other people are willing to show me theres I should be decent to enough to show everyone mine. So here it is, my workspace.

I work in our spare bedroom. This room was a little neglected until earlier this year, when we gave it a makeover. Now it’s light, airy and filled with things that remind me of some of the happiest times in my life. On our bookshelf, is a vintage Olivetti typewriter, which we used as a guest book at our wedding. Next to it is my wedding bouquet, which I dried so I could always keep it.

We meet 5

Our room is painted Cornforth White by Farrow and Ball, which is a pale grey tone. To give the room a different aspect of colour, I added this metal antler from Oliver Bonas. There’s something I love about a hint of neon orange on a grey canvas.

We meet 3

I’m a huge fan of prints, and have quite a few dotted around the house, including this one. I thought it was pretty apt for a work environment, especially when you ace a project.

We meet 4

And finally, I always have fresh flowers wherever I work. I live in an apartment on the third floor, so having flowers around brings a little bit of the outside in. Plus, flowers always make me smile.

We meet 7

There you have it, my workspace. Where do you work best? And what essential pieces do you have in your space?



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  • http://www.fullofbeansandsausages.com/ Holly Hollyson

    So glad you shared this with us! What do you use your typewriter for? I love it!

    • http://www.wineandolives.co.uk/ Chiara Pannozzo

      I used the typewriter for our guest list at our wedding, so people had to type messages rather than write them. Now it’s just for decoration and memories :-)

  • http://www.themidnightblog.com/ Charlotte

    I love it!
    And I have the exact same table. :)

    • http://www.wineandolives.co.uk/ Chiara Pannozzo

      You have great taste Charlotte ;-)

  • Gianni Washington

    I’ll be getting my work and living spaces together this fall. Love the neon orange against the grey!!!

    • http://www.wineandolives.co.uk/ Chiara Pannozzo

      That’s so exciting Gianni! What colours are you going for?x

  • http://ancaslifestyle.co.uk/ Anca

    The idea of drying the wedding bouquet is amazing, I didn’t think of that and now I really regret it. Your workspace looks great x

    • http://www.wineandolives.co.uk/ Chiara Pannozzo

      Thanks Anca. I must say I am glad I dried my bouquet. It’s a nice permanent reminder of that amazing day x

  • http://harrietemily.com Harriet Emily

    I love your workspace Chiara! It’s beautiful :) love your typewriter!!! I really want to get one :)

    • http://www.wineandolives.co.uk/ Chiara Pannozzo

      Thank you lovely! I got my typewriter from eBay … they tend to crop up there from time to time x

  • http://www.birchjuiceblog.com Kasi Zlochevski

    Your workspace looks so bright and clean, it’s really nice! Im also a fan of the “woop! woop!” picture, it’s so cute :)

    • http://www.wineandolives.co.uk/ Chiara Pannozzo

      Thanks Kasi. The woop woop picture definitely always makes me smile x

  • http://www.chocolateandsunset.com/ Summer

    Your work space is so chic and cute. I like your style♥♥


    • http://www.wineandolives.co.uk/ Chiara Pannozzo

      Thanks so much Summer, that’s really kind of you x

  • http://meandmr.com melaniekay

    I love your desk!!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

    • http://www.wineandolives.co.uk/ Chiara Pannozzo

      Thanks Melanie x

  • http://www.mirandasnotebook.com Miranda | Miranda’s Notebook

    I love your workspace! It’s so clean and simple looking, but with bright spots of colour which I love. Gorgeous! xxx

    • http://www.wineandolives.co.uk/ Chiara Pannozzo

      Thanks Miranda :-)