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The burger, the smoothie and the half marathon

Burgers, smoothies and half marathons. Three very different things that shouldn’t normally go together but they did for me last weekend as I took on the Edinburgh Half Marathon.

It was a great day, made all the better by the burger, chips, haggis bon bons and beer that were my post run reward. My diet was literally a game of two halves at the weekend – super healthy before the half marathon and super unhealthy afterwards – check out that burger and the chorizo meatballs on toast. I hasten to add these weren’t consumed on the same day; I don’t think my poor arteries would have coped. But hey, if you can’t throw caution to the wind after running for two hours and burning 1,600 calories when can you? Also, I couldn’t help but post my smoothie pics as I’ll be blogging about these in the next couple of weeks, as they’re recipes I know you’ll love.

marathon weekend

For now, I’m going to take a couple of days off to ease my aching legs, but I’ll be back shortly with a post about my honest thoughts and feelings on running a half marathon and some hints and tips should you ever want to do one yourself.

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  • http://acrossthehogsback.wordpress.com/ Gianni Washington

    That chorizo looks amazing. And “haggis bon bons?” Never thought I’d see those words together, but it sounds like a good idea to me.

  • http://www.ohgoshblog.co.uk/ Em

    I applaud you for the eating – it looks amazing. But the running. What sort of crazy person runs for 2 hrs??? (well done on that one too thought ;) )x

  • http://meandmr.com melaniekay

    Congrats on the half marathon!!! The post lunch looks fantastic!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  • Sooae Lee
  • http://www.mirandasnotebook.com Miranda | Miranda’s Notebook

    WOW! Well done you – I’m very impressed! I can barely run to the bus stop…. Love the title of this post btw, hehe. And I think you thoroughly deserved that burger and meatballs!! xxx

  • http://pyreflies.org Jessica Pyreflies

    haha you are right, I don’t normally group those 3 things together! I hope you and your legs feel better soon :)


  • http://www.globetrottinginheels.com/ Elisa

    Yay for celebrating your hanf-marathon with some much-deserved grub ;-) Yumm, burgers! I do a lot of smoothies too, but I still like my meat as well :-)

  • http://labeau.co.uk Lyndsey J

    Congratulations on the 1/2 marathon and I dont blame you for indulging afterwards. Those meatballs sound amazing.