Tales from the weekend: the York edit

York 1

A few weeks ago Rob and I dragged ourselves out of bed at 6.30am on a Saturday to catch the first train to York. I have to say, I wasn’t thrilled at getting up so early on a weekend, but as soon as I was in possession of an Americano and a croissant, my mood softened and I sat back and enjoyed the journey southwards.

When we arrived, naturally out first stop was Betty’s. A Yorkshire institution, it serves some of the best cakes around. What I love about Betty’s is its yesteryear style. All of the waitresses wear white aprons, and the tea is served in proper tea pots. It’s an experience in itself. On our first visit to Betty’s that day (do you see where I’m going with this?) we had a gorgeous lunch and two glasses of Champagne. I ordered a club sandwich and Rob got such bad food envy that I ended up sharing it with him. That has to have earned me some good wife points, right?

York 9

When we left Betty’s we hit the shops and wandered in and out all of the gorgeous streets in the centre of York. Girls, if you like to shop, York is great for it. I got a little carried away buying a few too many new things, but I was firmly in holiday mode. My recent credit card bill makes me wish I’d exercised a little more restraint.

One way or another, all of the narrow streets in the centre of York lead to the York Minster. The Minster is the largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe and a true site to behold. You can climb the Minster tower and from the top the views are beautiful. Entry to the Minster and the tower is £15 – you can find out more about the history of this incredible building on the York Minster website.

York 3

We got incredibly lucky with the weather during our time in York, making it perfect for ambling in and out of the many green spaces that surround the Minster. After basking in the sun for a while in the company of a beautiful garden, gluttony got the best of us and we returned to Betty’s for the second time that day, this time for cake.

York 5

York 4

York 10

This cake was incredible. It was layers and layers of nutty meringue with a hazelnut filling. It reminded me of the sort of thing you see on the Great British Bake Off, so I just had to try it. Again, Rob got food envy, but there was no way I was sharing this with him. I might share my sandwich but I am definitely not sharing cake.

We went for a walk through the Shambles on the way back to our apartment. Just across the road from where we were staying, we stumbled across this amazing little beer garden. It was deserted and so we sat there and enjoyed some wine whilst the sun was still out.

York 12

Our accommodation for the night was a lovely Airbnb, a five minute walk from the centre of town. We had never had an Airbnb experience before, but it was fantastic. Our host, Claire, had a beautiful apartment and I would thoroughly recommend staying there if you visit York. As for the Airbnb experience, we were so convinced by it that we are staying in another Airbnb when we go to Copenhagen later on this year.

York 13

In the evening, we went to a tapas restaurant called Ambiente. It was amazing. I ate some of the best Spanish food I’ve ever tasted and the only disappointing thing about it is that they don’t have a branch in Edinburgh.

The morning we left we had enough time for breakfast and another wander before we boarded the train bound for the Burgh. We headed to Filmore and Union for brunch, which was incredible. Their array of healthy offerings made me feel a little better about over indulging on Saturday. Brunch was suitably burned off by a walk around the city walls before we headed for home.

York 14

York 15

York is a fantastic city. It’s super accessible from Edinburgh, but well worth seeking out if you aren’t so close as there is plenty to do to justify a few days there.

York 2

Have you visited anywhere new recently? Is there anywhere I should pop on my list of places to see?


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  • http://www.mintnotion.com/ Eden Mint

    Wow, York looks lovely! Your photos are beautiful. I love the architecture of the buildings. Definitely adding this to my bucket list :)


  • http://www.dearskim.com/ Sara // Dear Skim

    What!!! Why does your airbnb look like a page out of a magazine?! Holy smokes, I am all about that. Looks like you had so much fun! And looots of good food, which is an A+ in my book.

    Sara // dearskim.com

  • http://www.mirandasnotebook.com Miranda | Miranda’s Notebook

    What a fabulous little trip! I adore York, and this post has so made me want to go back. Betty’s is just the best!! I’ve never stayed in an Airbnb place either, but that flat looks fantastic! xxx

  • http://www.fullofbeansandsausages.com/ Holly Hollyson

    Great pics! I love York – I have only been once and I didn’t arrive til 3am and it was to stalk my cousin’s boyf who we suspected of cheating on her. He totally was and we totally busted him, but we didn’t see too much of York beyond carparks and hotel lobbies! The castle was cool though.

  • Monique | WritingMonique

    All these photos look so gorgeous! I really want to visit York now!


    • http://www.wineandolives.co.uk/ Chiara Pannozzo

      Thanks Monique. York is such a lovely place, I think I could quite happily live there :-)

  • http://evolvewithmary.com Evolve with Mary

    I had an opportunity to visit York last year and didn’t go, now I’m kicking myself. I must explore Yorkshire, hopefully sooner rather than later. Like always your picture are beautiful.

    • http://www.wineandolives.co.uk/ Chiara Pannozzo

      Thank you Mary, that’s a lovely compliment. If you get the chance to go again in the future it’s definitely worth it x

  • Sooae Lee
    • http://www.wineandolives.co.uk/ Chiara Pannozzo

      Thank you so much Sooae, that’s really kind of you to say x

  • http://harrietemily.com Harriet Emily

    Wow, York looks so beautiful! I love your photographs. I’ve never been there before, but your post has definitely made me want to go now! :)

    • http://www.wineandolives.co.uk/ Chiara Pannozzo

      Thank you so much! It’s well worth a visit if you get the chance – a foodie like yourself would love it :-)

  • http://www.diamondcanopy.com/ Winnie_dc

    That cake! Oh I need to visit Bettys and I’ve not been back to York since I was very little. I think Air BnB is great – using it for my friend’s wedding next month but it’s not as pretty (way more basic and minimal) as your flat you stayed in.

    • http://www.wineandolives.co.uk/ Chiara Pannozzo

      Winnie that cake was unforgettable! It’s actually worth a trip to York for that alone. Enjoy your friend’s wedding and I hide the Airbnb experience goes well. And thanks for stopping by Wine and Olives :-)