Taking back Tuesday

I’ve fallen into a bit of a Tuesday night slump. Every other night I seem to be occupied with running, catching up with friends and wherever else life takes me, but Tuesdays always seem to be wide open. Rather than fall into the habit of spending Tuesday nights on the couch, we decided to shake it up a bit this week, whilst working to a pretty tight budget. £10 to be exact. But we were to fret not as we discovered that All Bar One on George Street has a fab Tuesday night treat of four tapas sharing plates and a bottle of wine for £20. We were sorted. We sampled meatballs, a selection of charcuterie, breaded chicken and tempura prawns, all washed down with a bottle of red. It was pretty darn tasty. Much better than your average Tuesday.


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  • Lisa

    I must remember this and try it. Looks like such good value for money. Thanks for posting.

  • chiara

    It really is Lisa. Enjoy it when you go!

  • Rob

    Great find. I had no idea you could get a meal out with wine for £10 a head on George Street!

    • chiara

      It’s great, isn’t it Rob!

  • Jane cooper

    Must give this a try! Sounds delicious!!

  • chiara

    I hope you enjoy it when you go Jane, it really is delicious!