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Winter bulgar wheat saladOk, so you all know I love food. I always have. Since I started blogging, I’ve also discovered just how much I enjoy photography, so much so that I get really excited about getting the camera out and taking some pictures. Whether it be something I’ve cooked myself or something I’m eating when I’m out and about, sharing it with you has become something I now do naturally. And, of course, I’m no expert and I’ve still got a lot to learn, but I’ve picked up a few tips along the way that you might find helpful when trying to make your food shots look mouth-wateringly good.

When it comes to food, finishing touches can make all the difference to your photo. Something can be incredibly tasty, but can unfortunately look a little bland. This is when colour becomes your friend. Whether it be a sprinkling of the greenest herbs or adding fresh fruit to the top of cakes, from my experience, get colour in where you can. You might be thinking, ‘well, I can’t add colour to the likes of a pie’. This is a fair point. Instead, add a glaze to make the pie look more inviting, and give a little more thought to your cutlery and crockery. Sometimes, a simple white plate can look stunning, but other times, you may want to use something that’s a little more eye-catching.

Some photographers make the mistake of taking overhead shots, but taking snapshots of your subject from close to plate level, or slightly above, will generally provide a better shot. With digital cameras the simplest way to focus is often to use the auto facility and let the camera do the work for you. Close ups of food tend to provide the best shots, and give your audience a really accurate reflection of what to expect, especially in recipe posts. And always remember to experiment by shooting from different angles – this will generate shots that will make your photography stand out.

It’s also nice to get a range of shots. Once we’ve photographed the whole plate or table, we tend to move things about a little, or say, take a slice out of the cake, and shoot again. We like doing this and it creates a photographic story, which our readers have always told us they enjoy.

I know myself that it’s tempting with digital cameras to always use the flash, but sometimes this can ruin the photo. It can be difficult, but always try to use as much natural light as you can. Take the photo close to the window, or even go outside when it’s light – you’ll notice a really big difference in the quality of your shots. The most important thing about photography is to keep experimenting – the more photos you take, the better results you will achieve.


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