T minus 4 days

After what feels like the longest wait ever, we get the keys to our new home on Friday. To put this into perspective, we moved out of our old place on 13 May.

The Edinburgh property market is buoyant and we were lucky that we could sell our place and move on relatively quickly. But, what we weren’t quite prepared for was the time it would take us to find a new home. Yes, we offered on places and no, we didn’t get them, outbid a whole three times before an offer on property number four was accepted. Did I mention it’s been a long process?

As frustrating as the past few months have been, it has given me plenty of time to plan wall colours, flooring ideas and furniture pieces. I’ve been pinning furiously, making sure that I don’t forget any of the pieces I’ve set my heart on for our new home. And many of those pieces come from the wonderful Loaf.

I fell in love with Loaf around a year ago, when one of their catalogues popped through my letterbox. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with their comfy sofas, their stylish interiors and the overall amazingness of their range.

If money was no object, I’d deck our new house out from top to toe with pieces from Loaf. But since I live in the real world, sacrifices have to be made and I have to cherry pick my favourites, which was no easy task. But I got there in the end, settling for a coffee table, side table and rug to go in our new living room.

The Poste coffee table is just beautiful. I love the industrial feel to the base and the handcrafted wooden top. I don’t go in for highly polished items – I like wood to resemble it’s original state as far as possible – so the Poste coffee table fits the bill entirely.

Loaf - Poste coffee table £245 high res

To compliment the Poste, I’ve gone for the Postino side table. I can already see my glass of Prosecco looking even more drinkable on top of it.

Loaf - Postino side table £165 high res

And then, there’s the Bobble rug. I plan to sand all of our floors so rugs are essential. As you know, I love texture and the Bobble rug has it in spades.

Loaf - Bobble rug from £295 high-res cut out

What do you think of these items? What are your Loaf favourites?


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  • Emma Fisher

    Wahoo for houses and moving – I am really looking forwards to seeing the plans you have for the new place. But moving is just so stressful isn’t it. Why does it feel like everything goes wrong all the time?
    But you are out the other side and you’ll have the keys by the end of the week! Amazing news! x

    • http://www.wineandolives.co.uk/ Chiara Pannozzo

      You’re not wrong there Emma, it’s so much more stressful than I thought! But we are in now, which is when the real fun begins!x

  • http://adventitiousviolet.com/ Camila @ AdventitiousViolet

    Oh yes the Edinburgh market is difficult, but good you found somewhere! And I had never heard of Loaf before, but clicking on the website it looks like my kind of store, love the colours especially :)

    • http://www.wineandolives.co.uk/ Chiara Pannozzo

      Loaf is fab Camila, I would literally have my house filled with Loaf goodies if money was no object ;-)

  • http://harrietemily.com Harriet Emily

    So glad you’ve now found somewhere Chiara! I love Loaf too, they sell the best products! <3

    • http://www.wineandolives.co.uk/ Chiara Pannozzo

      So true, Loaf is the best! Now just to get my house in shape to have lovely furniture in it ;-)

  • http://www.tapeparade.com Laila

    Wow congratulations on finding a place!!! Good luck with the move – you must be so excited after such a long time since moving out of your last place! I hope the move goes well. Your new stuff looks so lovely – I especially love that rug it looks suuuuuper cosy :) x

    • http://www.wineandolives.co.uk/ Chiara Pannozzo

      Thanks Laila! At the moment it looks a bit like a building site, but every day we’re getting closer to it resembling a home x

  • http://ohheyjess.com Jessica | OhHeyJess.com

    Congrats on moving in soon! That table is really nice :)

    • http://www.wineandolives.co.uk/ Chiara Pannozzo

      Thanks Jess! It’s going to be a labour of love, but that’s half the fun, right? ;-)

  • sileas

    Ohhh how exciting, the interior looks absolutely amazing! Great picks!


    • http://www.wineandolives.co.uk/ Chiara Pannozzo

      Thanks Sileas! The house is a bigger project than we thought, so it may be a while before we get any of these things but it’s nice to plan :-)