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Supercharge your smoothie


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I’m not sure about you, but I’m already starting to feel a bit sluggish, and the Christmas nights out haven’t started yet. Maybe it’s the cold weather, or it could be that I’ve been doing a lot of socialising of late, which means eating and drinking all the wrong things. To get back on track I’m turning to one of my favourite things: smoothies.

Given how I’m feeling, I need these smoothies to be as nutrition-packed as they can be, so I turned to Authority Health, which gives excellent advice on wellbeing and what I should be adding to my smoothies.

As well as being good for you, what I love about smoothies is how versatile they are – I mostly have mine on the go, either for breakfast or an afternoon snack. To up the nutrition levels, I’ve been adding some superfood favourites to get even more out of them. Kale being one of them.

For some, the thought of adding kale to a smoothie is not particularly appetising. But bear with me. Aside from it being one of the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet, it tastes delicious in a smoothie, especially if you blitz it with apple and lime. Throw in the mix the fact that its high antioxidant levels means that it can help lower cholesterol, there’s certainly no harm in adding a little bit of this leafy green to your next smoothie.

And now onto something I drink hot, as much as I do cold: green tea. Ever tried it in a smoothie? You should, because it has some serious health benefits. Simply add a little cold green tea to any variety of green smoothie for that superfood hit.

If I’m making berry smoothies, I often turn to acai berry powder. As well as being high in antioxidants, certain studies have found that this berry could boost brain function – I’m all for that. I simply add a teaspoon of this superfood to blended banana, blackberries and coconut milk to make a delicious breakfast. Sticking with the berries, I do something similar with goji berries. I add it in powder form and what I love about these isn’t just their great taste, but the fact that they’re packed with vitamin c, perfect for helping to boost my immune system as we fly headstrong into cold and flu season.

The final superfood I use to boost my smoothies is spirulina. A kind of plant algae, it’s protein rich, so a great way to get an extra protein hit. I tend to add it to green smoothies – I find adding some lemon or lime to spirulina enhances the flavour.

Not only are these nutrient-rich ingredients good for you, but they taste great as well. Have you tried any of them? I’d love to hear what superfoods you add to your smoothies.

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