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Sunday styling


Dare I say it, our house renovations are *almost* finished. It’s been a long three months but in that time we’ve brought (dragged is a more appropriate way to describe it) our home into the 21st century. Gone is the anaglypta wallpaper that took months to come off. Gone are the dated electrics, replaced with ones that don’t involve a life-threatening flick of the switch. Gone is the whisper peach bathroom, updated with one that doesn’t make you feel like you’re going to attract some hideous disease from using it. And gone are the smells of cats and nicotine.

What we have been left with now is a black canvas. Bare walls, empty shelves and book cases crying out to be filled. Each deserves an element of attention, so yesterday I tackled the mantelpiece. Our fireplace holds the living room together, so it has to include a lot of personality and the things we love, like copper, books and candles. It felt great to pour myself a pot of coffee yesterday and move things around until it all fitted together and looked like it belonged. Satisfying.

What are your thoughts on styling areas of your house. How do you approach it? Or is it not really your thing?

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