Remaining European

Venice 11

Regardless of what little corner of the world you call home, you’ll probably be aware that today, the UK is voting to decide whether or not it wishes to remain in the European Union. Yikes.

This post isn’t designed to sway, influence, or act as some kind of soapbox for my political views; it’s more a declaration of how I feel, and I feel European.

Tonight when I leave work, rather than go straight home and cook Rob and I dinner, I’m going to my local polling station to vote, where I will tick the box to remain in the EU.

Why? Europe is in my blood. I was born in the UK, to a Scot and an Italian, so I’ve felt European, rather than British or Italian, from the get-go. I love the freedom afforded to us to travel, to forge friendships with our neighbours, to cross borders freely and experience other foods, other cultures, other ways of life. And, I can’t ignore how many European countries have influenced the UK in such a pivotal way.

It’s not a ground-breaking political argument, but it’s how I feel, and how I will be voting.

After we’ve voted, we’re going to go for pizza. Italian pizza. And we’re going to drink wine, French wine. I can’t imagine enjoying those things and not being a part of Europe. Long may I be able to call myself European.


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  • http://confuzzledom.wordpress.com/ bevchen

    I voted remain as well, but the leave campaign was louder, unfortunately :-(

    At least if you have an Italian passport you still CAN call yourself European? The only thing I am right now is ashamed to be English.

  • sileas

    I was hoping that the majority feels the same way like you do, even more so I was shocked about the result… Too sad this world seems to tear apart more than growing together.


  • Siobhan

    I voted remain. Am still gutted about the result. But yes to French wine, Italian ice cream, Polish Pierogis, German kuchen and so much more x