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Prague part 1

Prague 29

Have you ever been somewhere, knew you liked it, but didn’t realise just how much you loved it until you looked at the pictures? That is exactly how I would sum up Prague, and who can blame me when it’s this darn pretty.

Back in March, we spent three nights there and weather wise we got seriously lucky, I’m talking 18c and wall-to-wall sunshine, which for that time of year in the Czech Republic’s capital, is warm. We weren’t complaining – the chance to wander around in t-shirts was welcomed after a long Scottish winter.

Prague 22

Having left Edinburgh at 6am (there’s a direct flight with EasyJet), we arrived in Prague promptly. We stayed on the fringes of the old town at the Grandior Hotel. Located a ten-minute walk from the Old Town Square, it was a lovely place to rest our heads after a busy day of exploring the city. The hotel was clean, modern and the breakfast … wow. There was even an omelette station. Enough said.

On our first day we largely wandered around the Old Town Square, interspersing our ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ about the architecture with cold pints of Czech beer. Every guide book will tell you that food and drink in this part of town is expensive. Comparatively speaking, it is, but it was still a lot, lot cheaper than the UK, which was good enough for us.

Prague 18

The astronomical clock is regarded by many as disappointing, but I liked it. It’s steeped in history and gives a nice focal point to the square. Chances are you’ll be walking past it and I’d say it’s worth sticking around to see it in action.

Prague 13

Prague castle is an absolute marvel and a must-see. A tram or a bus will take you close enough to the main attraction, but we decided to walk. That way, we got to enjoy so much more of the city.

You can see the castle from quite the distance away, which gives you a sense of how grand it is. A great vantage point is Charles Bridge, which is stunning in itself.

Prague 17

When you get to the palace, elements are free to wander around and others are not, such as the Cathedral. You can step inside the Cathedral and view part of it, but it’s worth buying a ticket – the stained glass windows are some of the most impressive I’ve seen. The information office has all of the ticket options and can advise you on what’s best for your needs. You could easily spend the whole day at Prague castle – there’s a lot to take in.

By day three, despite having covered a lot of ground ourselves, we decided to do a free walking tour. I can’t recommend this enough. You will find one located just off the Old Town Square and not only was it enjoyable, but we saw parts of Prague we otherwise would never have discovered, like the Jewish quarter, which despite its troubling past was simply beautiful.

Prague 33

Rather than cover everything in this post, I’ll be back soon with where to eat and drink in this wonderful city.

Have you ever been to Prague? Did you like it?

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  • http://www.heydae.com Kasi Kelley

    Prague looks beautiful! I’ve heard really great things about it but I’ve never been. My husband has been there and he loved it, so I hope we will end up going there sometime soon :)

  • http://ancaslifestyle.co.uk/ Anca

    I haven’t been to Prague. It seems a lovely place to visit, I like the architecture a lot.

  • http://www.girlandcloset.com Girl & Closet

    LOVED reading this and yes it’s so beautiful there + love your snaps! I’m from Prague originally, but have lived in Canada for most of my life. My hubby and I are hoping to visit soon!! xo


  • http://coatandcoffee.com/ Emily

    Prague is so beautiful! I visited last year and it was amazing. Great photos!!

    -Emily http://www.coatandcoffee.com

  • http://cavaforlunch.com Christina – Cavaforlunch.com

    Prague is absolutely stunning! I visited 2 years ago, and I simply can’t wait to go back x