Patisserie Madeleine

I  generally opt for savoury over sweet. If a bowl of olives and a bar of chocolate were sitting side-by-side, I’d opt for the olives. I understand I’m very much in the minority here, and know people who gurn at the mere mention of an olive. However, there is one Edinburgh establishment that manages to twist my arm on the cake front: Patisserie Madeleine in Stockbridge.

One thing that’s hard to ignore is the sheer temptation. With a foray of authentic sweet treats in the window, walking by is impossible. Without any rational decision making process, I was soon sat at a table, mouth watering over what to order.

With the French music, contemporary decor and relaxing atmosphere, if it hadn’t been for the people around me speaking English, I would have been sure I was in Paris. And I was about to enhance my experience even further by eating one of their exquisite pastries.

I chose a delicious Italian meringue, fused with cherry and pistachio. The presentation of this French delight could be described as nothing less than art, as I tried to fathom how something could be made to look so beautiful. Never has it taken me so long to eat anything – it was so delicious I was almost fearful of making it to the end and having nothing left.

The same could be said for the tarte au citron. Mouth watering presentation paved  the way for a delicious tart, where all components were cooked perfectly.  Accompanied by Eteaket Earl Grey tea, the whole experience was nothing less than perfect.

Having visited Paris, I was awestruck by the Patisserie culture, and how such beautiful baking was part of everyday life. I thought I’d have to go back to Paris to experience this again, but with Patisserie Madeleine just around the corner, there really is no need to look any further.


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  • Alison

    After reading this post, I would love to visit! I agree in that it takes ages to eat one of their creations since they are so beautiful and you don’t know where to start!

  • http://www.edinburgheats.co.uk Katey

    I love the macarons at Patisserie Madeleine – have never stopped for coffee and sweets but definitely should sometime soon!

  • http://www.patisseriemadeleine.com Nadia

    Thank you for the lovely review, we are very pleased to read that you had a good experience and appreciate the work that we are doing. Nadia from Patisserie Madeleine.

  • chiara

    Alison, they are incredibly beautiful. Katey, you should definitely stop in. Nadia, you have a winning formula! We’ll be back in again soon!

  • Amanda

    Sounds amazing! Cant wait to pop in and try some…love that their creations look fantastic and taste wonderful. I have a sweet tooth and look forward to discovering this hidden Parisien gem!