Out with the old

After two years of wedding and honeymoon planning, we’ve started to think about our next project – yes, I am one of those people that always needs to have something on the go. Naturally, our attention has turned to our home and in particular, those areas of the house we never quite got around to doing when we moved in.

Last year, our big focus was the kitchen. It was a huge commitment but boy am I glad we did it. I still haven’t tired of waking up in the morning and going through to our beautiful white gloss kitchen to make myself a cup of tea. Or when we have guests around and I can have them in a kitchen I am actually really proud of.

We live in a very traditional tenement flat, which still has so many original features, such as cast iron fireplaces and original sash and case windows. We investigated replacing the windows, but the cost outlay was going to be far too much in terms of what we would eventually get back from the property. And as for the fireplaces, I wouldn’t dream of touching them. They are one of my favourite features in our home.

But then I got to thinking of something that we had never considered – doing something about our doors. When we moved in, we painted them as they were in dire need of a tidy up, but now they are starting to look a little tired again. A lot of them are the original doors, so you would expect after 100 years that they would be in the need of a little TLC.

Our exterior door is the same. We have considered sanding them all down, stripping them and starting again, but that seems like an awful lot of time to put in. Which is why I’ve started looking at replacing our doors. The thought of having a blank door that I could just paint and put beautiful brass handles on is quite a dream. I’ve done a little looking around and the interior doors from Todd Doors are really stylish. And in terms of quality and price, it looks like a good way for us to go. Their exterior doors are also really nice, so if we do decide to pursue that route, I can see us ordering our door from them.

For our interior and exterior doors, we’ll literally be swapping like-for-like – putting modern doors in our 1890s flat would look really out of place. But where I really get to have fun is with our exterior door, particularly in choosing a colour to paint it. I’ve been looking at loads of blogs to get some smart interior design ideas, and I think I’ve settled on a really deep grey colour, which will offset the brass handle and letterbox really well. Now I just need to get the project underway – I can’t wait to show you all the pics!

Image credit: Pinterest

  • http://oddlylovely.com Cat

    I think new doors are a great idea! It’s a smallish way you could make an even better first impression right when people arrive or put a little perk in your step right when you get home.

    Have you posted about your kitchen before? I wanna see!


  • chiara

    No, Cat, I’ve not blogged the kitchen yet. It’s on my to-do list though, so I’ll hopefully get a blog up about it soon x

  • http://www.ohgoshblog.co.uk/ em

    doors are massively on our to-do list. I hate ours!
    And i second the call for a kitchen post too! x

    • chiara

      I find doors always fall to the bottom of the to-do list. I don’t know why, as I think they can make such a big difference. For us, it’s always been because it seems like a pretty expensive and time consuming job, but it would definitely improve the flat so it’s something that we really need to do x

  • http://www.somethingshavehappened.blogspot.com Siobhan

    ooh that is super exciting. I love a good door. I am not fond of the doors in our flat but as we are renting these are the ones we are stuck with for now. I’m also looking forward to your kitchen post :)

    • chiara

      Thanks Siobhan. I’m looking forward to doing the kitchen post too!x