Nice, Monaco and Monte Carlo in food

I don’t think it’s possible to go to the South of France and have a bad holiday. Freshly baked croissants, café au laits and 30 degree heat do wonders for the battered soul of someone who has spent the past nine months battling with Scotland’s elements. So as you’re about to see, we ate well (Pierre Hermé macarons and lunch at Café de Paris), we drank well and invested all the time we could in that most precious of French sayings, ‘joie de vivre’.




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  • Alison

    Wow! That food looks amazing and those cakes……..*drool*

    Love how the bling ring still makes an appearance from time to time.

  • http://www.thehautecookie.com thehautecookie

    omg that looks SOOO good!!!! xO!

  • chiara

    The cakes were amazing! It was hard to choose most days so generally we just had both!

  • chiara

    Thanks Sooae, it really was a great holiday!

  • http://www.asmallinsight.wordpress.com Lucy Cameron

    Wow…….I love all those tomatoes!! So many colours xx
    And I’m totally salivating now after seeing those macarons!!!! :o( x

  • chiara

    The tomatoes were amazing Lucy. And as for the macarons, as you can see they speak for themselves!x

  • http://www.edinburgheats.co.uk Katey

    Wow! Love these photos. Pierre Herme is always my first stop in Paris – I’m going to dream about that strawberry tart!

  • chiara

    I think the jasmine flavoured macaron was my favourite!

  • http://theheartbeatsfaster.blogspot.co.uk/ Louisa

    It looks incredible, especially the macaroons which are a big weakness of mine!

  • http://www.themirroronthewall.com/ EMA

    That all looks so delicious, especially the macaroons!