New York, baby

This is my last day in Edinburgh for just over a week. Tomorrow morning, I fly to New York with two of my closest friends to celebrate turning 30. We’ve been planning this holiday for years and it’s hard to believe it’s finally here.

Last night was spent packing my case with a Martini in hand while Sex and the City was on in the background. Today, I’ve been obsessively flicking through guide books and making lists of things to see, places to eat and where to shop, over gin and red wine with my husband.

And so it’s farewell from me for a little while. But before I go, if you have been to NYC and have any recommendations for me, please send them this way. Have a great couple of weeks everybody!


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  • Lisa

    I am so jealous! I went last year and really liked the Highline, so if you have the time that’s somewhere I’d recommend visiting. Have a great time!x

    • chiara

      Thanks Lisa. The Highline is on my list so I’ll definitely check it out x

  • http://vivaciouseventslv.com Jessica

    Have a wonderful time!!

    I can almost guarantee that anywhere you go–Freedom Park, The Brooklyn Bridge, ect–it’s going to be wonderful!!


    • chiara

      Thanks Jessica, I’m super excited!x

  • http://www.somethingshavehappened.blogspot.com Siobhan

    I have not been in 10 years so any recommendations may be out of date but it is a really amazing city – I hope you have a wonderful time! x

    • chiara

      Thanks Siobhan!x

  • http://www.katgotthecream.com/ Kathryn (@KatGotTheCream)

    Oh you’ll have a ball. Happy 30th birthday too xx

    • chiara

      Thanks Kathryn, I can’t wait!x

  • http://twitter.com/oddlylovely Cat

    Aww, I wish you were coming SF so we could grab lunch or something :) You guys will have a phenomenal time! It’s been a while since I’ve been to NYC, but you have to go check out some museums and maybe a Broadway show. Since you’re a foodie, the top of my list the next time I go is Momofuku Noodle Bar. The owner and head chef David Chang is my hero!


    • chiara

      I’ll definitely check out Momofuku, it looks awesome, thanks Cat! I’m hoping to hit SF next year so it would be lovely to grab some lunch when I’m over there. X

      • http://twitter.com/oddlylovely Cat

        Are you kidding?! If you come to SF, we’re definitely hanging out!

  • http://the.pyreflies.org Jessica

    How exciting!! I’ve never been to NY, I hope you have an amazing time!! Can’t wait to read about it :)

  • http://louiseplace.com Louise

    How exciting! I have never heard anyone coming back from New York to say it was anything less than spectacular. Have a wonderful time, looking forward to hear about it. Take care x


    • chiara

      Thanks Louise, I had an amazing time!x

  • http://www.thehautecookie.com thehautecookie

    so exciting!