Nailed it

The countdown to our wedding has officially begun and quite quickly I have realised two things. Firstly, a two-year engagement is great if you need the time to save some money. On the other hand, it’s not so good, as despite having 24 months to play with, if you’re anything like me you will still leave most things until the last minute. In our case, we did all of the really big things quickly – we booked our venue, found a Humanist celebrant, made sure we got the right photographer and, of course, I got my dress. But then we stopped and now with just short of 10 weeks to go we have a LOT to do.

So this weekend we dedicated ourselves entirely to planning the final stages of our nuptial celebrations. And we achieved so much more than I thought we would. We booked our minimoon, our honeymoon flights, chose and ordered our wedding rings, sorted the boys’ kilts, Rob planned his stag do and I booked an appointment to meet Cuckoo’s Bakery to finalise our cake order. We even had time to stop for a cup of tea. All of this in just 48 hours … this Dry January thing is having quite an effect on me. Let’s hope it lasts.


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  • Lisa

    Sounds like you had a very productive weekend! You must be getting really excited about the wedding now!x

  • chiara

    Thanks Lisa. Yes, getting very excited now!x

  • Siobhan

    That sounds so productive. We got stuff done in whirls of activity followed by periods of doing nothing and we “only” had 16 months. I think it feels hard to believe it is all real until suddenly it is!

  • chiara

    I think you’re right Siobhan. Having planned and talked about it for so long, it’s hard to believe it’s finally here x