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Monthly finds: March 2017


Edinburgh 4

Isn’t it just lovely to see the sun in the morning? After what feels like an eternity of getting up in the dark, finally it’s the light streaming through the window that’s waking me up rather than my alarm. I have March to thank for that.

The joy of this month extends beyond the light and the daffodils and the fact that spring is in the air. It’s also been brightened up by this month’s finds, all of which are worth checking out. Now.

1. 31Dover.com is a fantastic website loaded with Champagne, spirits and frankly, all things booze. When it comes to imbibing, they’ve got it covered and well worth a look for their genius Mother’s Day gifts. Pink Gin Martini kit, anyone?

2. I can’t get enough of American singer-songwriter, Sharon Van Etten. Somewhat Cat Power esque, her album, Are We There, is simply beautiful.

3. Now that we’re settling into our new pad, my quest for art that fits my budget is well underway. That’s where Desenio.co.uk comes in. This website has a seemingly endless range of typographical prints and abstract images that I just love. I’ve placed my first order and I’m already excited to share it with you.

4. I’m just a tad obsessed with elderflower, which is where Belvoir handily helps me out. I use their cordial in drinks, desserts, Champagne cocktails, the lot. It’s delicious and readily available in all major supermarkets.

5. The New York Times cooking app is my latest go to resource when I’m short of mealtime inspiration. It is easy to use, well laid out and has a handy save feature, which gathers all of your recipes in one place. Cool, huh?

What have you stumbled across this month that’s worth talking about? I’d love to hear about it!

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