Let it rain

So, here is my first outfit post. I don’t plan on making these a regular feature, but sometimes you get sent something that’s just too good to say no to. Something that you know other people will like, which is made by lovely people. In my case, I’m talking about the parka that I’m wearing in these pictures.

Made by Protected Species, they specialise in keeping us ladies warm and dry, without compromising on style, which I think you’ll all agree is a pretty hard thing to do. My biggest issue with this style of clothing is that it’s normally really shapeless, but Protected Species has nailed it, with their selection of stylish, well-fitting outerwear. I love this parka, and living in Scotland, it’ll do a great job of protecting me against the elements over the course of the winter. If you’re in the market for stylish outerwear, pop on over to the Protected Species website, where you’ll find their full range to buy.

Have you ever moved out of your blogging comfort zone to talk about a product you really love?


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  • http://mirandasnotebook.com/ Miranda | Miranda’s Notebook

    That does look very practical, but has a good fit. You look great!

    • chiara

      Thanks Miranda!x

  • http://katemovingforward.com Kate @KateMovingForward

    It looks super cute on you! Love those big buttons. :)

    • chiara

      Thanks Kate. The buttons are awesome x

  • http://www.fromthedeskofj.blogspot.com Jenny

    Looks so good on you! & looks like it’s amazing quality :)


    • chiara

      It is amazing quality, Jenny. Thanks!x

  • http://acrossthehogsback.wordpress.com/ Gianni W.

    What a cute parka! You’re right; they can end up looking shapeless, but this one is nice. I especially like the large buttons up top!

    • chiara

      Thanks Gianni! It’s so nice to wear something like this that isn’t huge a baggy x

  • http://www.somethingshavehappened.blogspot.com Siobhan

    I really need a parka for next winter. This looks lovely on you! x

    • chiara

      Thanks Siobhan, that’s lovely of you to say x

  • http://www.katgotthecream.com/ Kathryn (@KatGotTheCream)

    Oh I love a good parka and it is the only remotely stylish option when the weather’s rubbish. Looks great – nice to see you on the blog Chiara xx

    • chiara

      Thanks Kathryn! Maybe I should try getting in front of the camera more often :-)

  • http://the.pyreflies.org Jessica

    I didn’t know you lived in Scotland! That’s amazing! The parka looks really good on you. I remember I felt a little weird doing a post about food because I normally don’t but I told myself it’s my blog so I can write about whatever I want… Even if it’s totally random lol

  • http://www.ohgoshblog.co.uk/ em

    A good waterproof coat is essential but they are so hard to find in a nice style. I ended up paying a small fortune for one from a snowboard brand but this is lovely.

  • http://www.fullofbeansandsausages.com Holly

    Very lovely and, more important at this time of yer, practical x