Kitchen wish list


My kitchen wish list for this month is something I hope in the not to distant future will be realised.

We bought our flat nearly four years ago. When we moved in we met every expectation for a young couple who had just bought a property: cash poor with not a piece of furniture to our name. Since then, we now (thankfully) have a fully furnished house, a home in fact, that I have fallen head over heels in love with.

Despite my love for the property itself there has always been one room that has been neglected: the kitchen. This will likely come as a surprise, considering how much time I spend both cooking and eating – budgets are what they are, and ours has never had the elasticity to stretch to a new kitchen. But now we are a few years older, have embraced DIY, and the love and attention we have shown the other rooms in our house is now ready to spill over to the kitchen.

I do of course though need time to save some money – those of you who know me well are aware of my shortcomings in this area! So I aim to have the new kitchen fully fitted by January of next year. In the meantime, to keep me going, and give you a sneak peek, here’s what will hopefully be my new toy in just short of 9 months time. I already can’t wait!