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Stylist put a Tweet out yesterday that literally made me stop in my tracks: ‘Take a tour around the world’s most expensive penthouse’. So I did just that. I made myself a huge mug of coffee, grabbed the iPad and sat mesmerised at what £240 million will buy you.

Of course, the penthouse is undeniably amazing, but what it really got me thinking about was this. If I was armed with that sort of budget, what would I include in my dream home. I’m not talking a possibly achievable, maybe one day, live in hope kind of house, I’m talking about the sort of home you could only buy if you had an entirely limitless budget. After lots and lots of deliberating … and of course Pinteresting (it’s a word, I promise), here are the top five things I would include in my money-is-no-object home.

1. A really plush bathroom. I would love a really large room with a copper bath in the middle of the room and a huge fireplace with a real log-burning fire. It would make bath time so much more luxurious.

2. A huge kitchen, with an island and wall of bi-folding glass doors so in the summer months I could open them and merge the interior with the exterior. Oh and a wine cellar. Do I really need to explain this one?

3. A walk in wardrobe, similar to the one that Carrie had in the first Sex and the City movie. Oh to be able to see every item of clothing and not have it crushed in an overcrowded wardrobe that should only really take one person’s clothes, but has to accommodate two people. Anyone else feeling my pain with this one?

4. A gym. I love the gym, but it’s so hard to get motivated to leave my warm cosy house in the winter nights. If I had a gym at home, I would be able to get active without getting wet and cold. And of course, there would be the reward of the steam room afterwards. That’s a must in a home gym, right?

5. A me room. A place where I can go and do all the things I love without hogging the TV or getting in anybody else’s way. A room with a real fire, a beautiful Chesterfield sofa, an Ascaso coffee machine, a Ruark Audio sound system and freshly baked macarons every day.

So that’s my dream out there for all of you to read. What would you have in your dream home?

Image credit: Tour Odeon


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  • http://the.pyreflies.org Jessica

    I would have every thing you listed, I would LOVE to have a walk in closet!! I’d also have a really nice big office to work in :D

  • chiara

    That’s a good idea Jessica! I probably should have put that on my list … so many things to choose from!x