January to-do list


Many a feature you read at the moment will focus on what you shouldn’t be doing in January, whether that be what you shouldn’t be eating, or more likely, which fitness regime you will inevitably be forced to buy into.

We are drowning in features, emphatic that January should be dedicated to abstinence. On the contrary, here’s a few things you should be doing in January – it’s a long month, so make the most of it!

1 Spice up your hot chocolate 
With this drink, imagination seems to fall short at marshmallows and cream. As delicious as this is, a more grown-up alternative is to whip up some chilli hot chocolate. Featuring store cupboard essentials, my spiced alternative takes the edge off sickly-sweet, and replaces it with a new favourite drink.

2 Use yogurt in your baking
I recently made a batch of cranberry, yogurt and honey muffins. The yogurt gave the muffins a much lighter texture, leaving you feeling relatively guilt free in comparison to the often heavy, shop bought alternatives.

3 Scour the sales for beautiful dishes
Admittedly, I didn’t so much scour, as keep my eye out for a few favourites that were out of my price range before the sales. Anthropologie had the most beautiful range of crockery in their sale – I say had, as a great deal of it now adorns my cupboards.

4 Make time for a clear-out
Christmas takes up so much time. I’m guilty of dedicating one cupboard to everything that doesn’t have a home. Open that cupboard, and you will likely be met by a thud on the head, as various precariously placed items set themselves free. Clearing out said cupboard will restore order in your home, and at worst eradicate the risk of mild concussion every time you can’t find something.

5 Eat more artichokes
This delicious vegetable is in season. Opinion on this member of the thistle family is divided, but one thing that can’t be argued is its versatility. Not only are artichokes an antipasto staple, but they taste great through pasta and risotto.

  • http://powderbluewithpolkadots.blogspot.com Sarah

    Mmm… chili hot chocolate… mmm… anthropolgie

  • http://elle3190.blogspot.com/ Elle

    What a beautiful blog you have!! I’m definitely gonna follow your tips =)

  • chiara

    Thank you! I hope you enjoy the tips and the hot chocolate.