It’s called a pop-up

‘Pop-up’ seems to be the word on the street in Edinburgh at the moment. With so many glittering reviews of food cooked in more humble settings than your average restaurant, the pop-up has stood out as a recession busting way to enjoy good food without paying restaurant prices. But does this mean you compromise on restaurant quality? In today’s case, most definitely not as the girls dubbed ‘Tealicious‘ laid on a spread that would truly be the envy of many an Edinburgh establishment, especially those that call cucumber sandwiches and a scone afternoon tea.

The cosy setting, comfy couches and vintage tea plates created the perfect setting in which to hold a floral themed afternoon tea. Upon sitting down and sipping on my cherry blossom tea, I marvelled at the selection of sweet and savoury treats on offer, and was stunned by the sheer level of skill on display. Handmade orange blossom macarons and violet berry eclairs were but a few of the sweet treats on offer, with beetroot and walnut muffins and a range of freshly baked focaccia breads occupying the savoury part of the occasion.

Tealicious was a wonderful experience. Three talented bakers delivered a first class experience for 10 food lovers who know their baked goods inside out. If you haven’t already got your ticket to the next Tealicious event, I suggest you join the back of what I can now only suppose is a very long line.

  • http://www.afternoon-tea-edinburgh.com Sue Johnston

    This looks so cool and pretty. I’m happy to wait in a long line if it leads to cake.