How to (try) and beat the post-holiday blues

Gin and raspberry cocktail in the sun

Gin and raspberry cocktail in the sun

I always suffer from the post-holiday blues. The days following my travels are spent strategising ways to still earn a salary while working my way around the globe. So far, I’ve drawn a blank.

My latest jaunt took me to Italy, where I had four days on the Amalfi Coast, followed by three days in Naples. I arrived in the UK on Sunday afternoon and was headlong back into work on Monday morning. The post-holiday blues never made an appearance, and when I was still feeling good on Tuesday, I thought I had dodged them this time round. No such luck. On Wednesday, I found myself in the most foul of moods, cursing my country and its terrible weather and longing for an elusive life on the road.

I desperately needed a way to try and feel better; a distraction that would lift my mood. So, I came up with a few things that I’ve listed below, that have been helping to improve my outlook.

1. Keep busy – I’ve made plans left, right and centre to keep my mind busy and my hands occupied. Whether it’s catching up with friends, going for a run or catching up on Netflix, I’ve diarised almost every moment, which is proving helpful.

2. Make plans for the future – Since we’re about to launch full scale into the second phase of our home renovations, another holiday isn’t on the cards this year. But even though foreign travel is off limits, holidays aren’t. I’ve booked a few days off for August to enjoy the Edinburgh Festival, which feels a bit like a vacation in my own city. Win.

3. Put things into perspective – Sure, my holiday was AMAZING, but I’m guilty of losing perspective. What I mean by that is, I think a life abroad would be an endless stream of fun in the sun without a care in the world. I have found that reminding myself that it wouldn’t be like that forever is quite a good way to put things back into a more positive view.

4. Be your holiday self – I’m quite a different person on holiday. At home, I feel my life is frantic; I’m always on the go, eternally rushing from one thing to another, from deadline to deadline. When I’m abroad, it’s so different. I’m more chilled out, more tuned into my mind and body and what they need. To help keep that feeling alive, I’ve been trying to be better at managing my time. Rather than frantic, last minute mornings, I’ve tried to get up a little earlier and take things at a slower pace. So far, it’s had quite the positive impact on the rest of my day.

5. Gratitude – I’m acutely aware of how lucky I am, and reminding myself of this has helped me to move on from my holiday blues. I shouldn’t be moaning about being home, when there are other people who seldom get the chance to travel. Being grateful for the fact that I’ve had a holiday has certainly helped to improve my mood.

What are your tips for getting over the post-holiday blues? I’d love to hear them.


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  • http://www.mitziemee.com/ Sanne

    I love the advice to be your holiday self. I’m also completely different when I travel. I’ll be out and about all day, leaving no stone unturned, but when i’m in Dubai, I’ll barely go out to do grocery shopping. Sometimes I just call and get home delivery:)

  • http://coatandcoffee.com/ Emily

    Post holiday blues are THE WORST! These are really great tips you have. I am obsessed with traveling so I always try to get away on holiday, but then I feel so depressed when I come home haha. Thanks for sharing these!

    -Emily http://www.coatandcoffee.com

  • sileas

    Oh I totally feel you – post holiday blues always hits me hard! Planning the next one, even if it’s only for the weekend, usually helps. But I agree, without a job such holidays weren’t possible. And without any kind of routine, we wouldn’t appreciate it ;)

  • http://www.heydae.com Kasi Kelley

    I’ve never really suffered from post holiday blues until this past trip to Mexico that we went on. I was so sad to be home and wanted nothing more than to go off on a next adventure. And like you I felt like I wanted to be one of those people who backpack from country to country without a care in the world. Going to new places locally helped to ease back into normal life and catching up with friends was great too.

  • http://roadesque.com Valerie Price

    These are such great tips! I definitely understand the post holiday blues especially after traveling, so these tips are really helpful! Thanks for sharing!


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