Heart shaped pot

After a long day at work nothing hits the spot better than comfort food. I firmly believe that everyone has at least one dish they turn to to lift their mood. One of my favourites, is the good old British classic, cottage pie. But in the absence of potatoes and a lack of motivation to fetch some, I created a delicious new topping for this staple dish.

Substituting potatoes for butternut squash and cauliflower mash, created a delicious dish, that wasn’t quite as heavy as the traditional potato topping. Simply mash the vegetables with a tablespoon of thyme, a drizzle of olive oil and plenty of seasoning and you are ready to bake as normal.

The heart shaped dish is of course optional. This beautiful Le Creuset number was an engagement present that I was desperate to use. I was also so desperate to eat it, I didn’t bother to smarten up the dish before we took these photographs. Aesthetically pleasing? Perhaps not, but I can tell you it tasted really good, and was every bit the comfort food hit I was in desperate need of.


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  • http://www.edinburgheats.co.uk Katey

    Sounds like a really nice herby alternative topping and it looks beautiful to me! What a lovely engagement gift as well.

  • Kat Barron

    Of all the people I know, I was sure you would appreciate that wee pot! And I’m glad to see you put it to good use! Looks so yummy….might buy a wee pot for myself so I can give it a try :-) x x x

  • Rob

    I love a good cottage pie more than most and having recently tried this recipe for myself I can confirm it’s a winner. It makes for a lighter than normal cottage pie but adds so much more flavour. Plus it’s a handy way of adding to your five a day using veg like cauliflower which usually fails to make it onto my plate purely because I forget about it.

    Great recipe, looking forward to enjoying it again in the future, might even try it with some other vegetable combinations to!