Going Greek


It’s pure fact that I won’t be going on a summer holiday this year. With a wedding to pay for, unfortunately my bank balance won’t stretch to feeling the sand between my toes and the sun on my back. But I do have friends that are kind enough to talk me through – moment by moment, of course – their summer holidays. I don’t get jealous hearing about their tales of foreign climates. In fact, I love it, especially when it comes to talking about what they ate.

A friend of mine recently went to Rhodes. Before she went she was a little concerned about what to eat – being a vegetarian, she wasn’t sure how easy it would be to find restaurants that would cater to her, especially in Greece, where they are renowned for their love of meat. But when I asked her about the food, she waxed lyrically about the choice on offer and how easy it was for her to eat meat free and enjoy her holiday.

Since Rhodes is a holiday hotspot she found that communicating was really easy. In resorts like Lindos Blu where she stayed, most signs were in both Greek and English, making it easier for Anna to identify what she could and couldn’t eat.

Another plus point was the choice she got. Although salads were a plenty, Anna was pleasantly surprised to find that wasn’t the only thing on offer to her. And as she told me about some of the things she had to choose from, my mouth really did begin to water. Spanakopita, a spinach and cheese pastry sounded incredible as well as gemiste – a dish consisting of vegetables stuffed with rice. This can sometimes come with minced lamb so take care to check this with your waiter before you order.

I love courgettes, so when Anna told me about Kolokithokeftethes, I found myself getting a little envious, especially when she told me how good they were dipped in tzatziki.

So, whilst I gaze longingly at Anna’s holiday photos and long for sunnier climates, what are you doing for your summer holiday this year? I’d love to hear about it!

  • Lisa

    I love Greece! And I must find somewhere local that does spanakopita. It sounds delicious!

  • chiara

    Me too Lisa. I might even have a go at making them myself!