Get inspired

As you know, I recently took part in Alpro’s Inspire My Day campaign. It was great fun, as not only did it make me think about things that I quite often take for granted, but I also got an insight into how other people go about their daily lives. From making changes to what I eat for breakfast to trying new things, Alpro’s campaign definitely achieved what it set out to do; inspire. Here are my 10 tips from the Inspire My Day campaign:

1 If you start your morning with a cappuccino, make it a hazelnut one. Swap your usual milk for Alpro’s dairy-free Hazelnut Milk for a different start to the day.

2 Watching your waistline can be tricky when you need a snack. I’ve recently discovered almond butter, which is a really tasty alternative to peanut butter and better for you. Try spreading it on a rice cake for a low-calorie afternoon treat.

3 Get reading. There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book.

4 Rather than having milk with your muesli, try having it with yoghurt. I love eating mine with Alpro Soya Pouring Yoghurt.

5 Visit the Edinburgh Festival. There’s so much to see and do, it’s impossible not to leave inspired.

6 It’s a good idea to get away from your desk at lunch time. We’re all guilty of being too busy to take a lunch break, but a 10-minute walk around the block does wonders.

7 Find out more about the benefits of coconut oil. I’ve been having a teaspoon everyday for the past three weeks and I’m already seeing the benefits.

8 Dairy free frozen yoghurt ice cream is the business. Healthy and delicious, try my recipe for a banana and blueberry variety, using Alpro Soya Pouring Yoghurt.

9 Take a little time to do nothing. Even if it’s just for five minutes before you go to bed, put your phone out of reach, turn off the television and enjoy just being for a little while.

10 Make your own smoothies. It’s a much more economical way to get all of that fruity-goodness. Plus my recipe for a blueberry and blackberry smoothie is great for breakfast and really tasty too!

  • http://somethingshavehappened.blogspot.co.uk/ Siobhan

    What are the benefits of coconut oil? Very interested to find out.

    I love yoghurt on my granola in the morning. Very tasty.

    • chiara

      Coconut oil is one of the good fats, so it gives you more energy and can help to increase your metabolism. Reading about it was a real eye opener and I have been feeling better for having a little every day.

      I’m with you, yoghurt is definitely better with granola.