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Forget a house, let’s buy a village

It’s no secret, I really am a very odd mix of die-hard realist and an eternal dreamer. The second persona tends to win out more than the more practical one, which is why I’ve spent most of this week trying to think of how to convince you all that it’s a great idea for us all to club together and buy this village. Yes, village. A beautiful, picturesque village nestled on the fringes of Gran Paradiso park in the Italian Alps.

I see it this way. At just shy of £200k it’s a bargain. Yes, the 14 homes that make up the village need a complete overhaul, but think of the fun we could all have along the way. Eating cheese and drinking wine are two perfect anecdotes to a hard day’s DIY, and if it was all starting to get tedious, one look at that view would remind us why we were doing it.

So, who’s with me? Remember everyone, it pays to dream big!

Image: eBay Italia

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  • http://Fortytherapy.blogspot.co.uk Sarah @ Fortytherapy

    Yep, I could do that, count me in!!

    • chiara

      Great Sarah, good to hear you’re on board!

  • Lisa

    I’m in! I’m calling dibs on being the cheese runner x

  • chiara

    Good job calling dibs on that role, Lisa. I think there would be a few people keen to do that job x

  • http://www.somethingshavehappened.blogspot.com Siobhan

    That would be AMAZING!

  • chiarap


  • chiara

    It would be, wouldn’t it Siobhan! x