Forbidden fruit

I had intended for this post to go up last Saturday. How wrong I was. As I was happily tempering chocolate in Coco of Bruntsfield’s chocolate making kitchen, I was blissfully unaware of how the afternoon was going to pan out.

Under the guise of ‘taking photos for the blog’, armed with my handmade chocolates, I was led to a dark corner to the Botanic Gardens, where my boyfriend proposed. Never in my life have I been rendered speechless – an unexpected proposal will do that to you. Obviously all attempt to take pictures was abandoned and I was promptly whisked off to The Witchery to celebrate.

As you know I have given up chocolate for Lent, so the bag of goodies have sat in my kitchen for a week untouched. Rather than describe the experience at great length, I will say only this…sign up! An afternoon spent making chocolate was a wonderful experience, and I’m sure getting to eat the chocolate on Easter Sunday will be even better.

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  • Alison

    Congratulations again! This the best blog post ever :)

  • chiara

    Thanks Alison! It was an exciting post to write.

  • http://www.hungrysquirrelcakes.co.uk Alison McKenzie

    Love this blog post… happy times :0)

  • Rob

    I would have loved to go to this course if I hadn’t been busy preparing for the big question! I can however, vouch for the quality of the chocolates, as I have not given them up for Lent. Good luck for there being any left by the time Easter comes!!

  • chiara

    Thanks Alison McK, it was certainly a memorable day!

  • http://victoria.pitkin@blogspot.co.uk Victoria

    What a lovely post! (and gorgeous chocolates). Congratulations x

  • chiara

    Thanks Victoria!