Christmas covets #2

Last week, I shared the first of my Christmas Covets, the beautiful Ruark R7. This week I’m coveting something slightly more achievable in terms of price, and a must for cheese lovers everywhere.

I’m not afraid to say it, if forced, I would choose cheese over chocolate. I know some people won’t understand this, but cheese is my ultimate treat. I don’t eat a huge amount of it as it’s mortal enemies with my waistline, but when I do eat it, boy do I enjoy it. And that’s exactly why this BIA Cordon Bleu Camembert Platter and Knife from John Lewis makes it onto my Christmas Covets list.



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Christmas covets
  • http://www.somethingshavehappened.blogspot.com Siobhan

    This is such a great gift! If I’d not sorted M out already I would get him this (and, of course, some cheese!)

  • chiara

    It is, isn’t it Siobhan. I would love to find this under the tree!