Chop Chop

Those of you who are reading this review and live in Edinburgh will surely be wondering why I hadn’t visited Chop Chop before. That’s a really good question that comes with a not so good answer, but after my visit last night oh how I now wish I had been to Chop Chop before. In short, it was incredible and I’m already looking at my diary to see when I can go back.

Chop Chop is authentic – you’re not about to find lemon chicken on this menu. But what you will find is an array of mouth-watering dishes that are true to the restaurant’s origins. For us, it was a night of discovery and a great one at that.

Famous for its dumplings, we started our meal by sharing eight of the boiled Lamb and Leek variety (£4.85). Our waiter showed us how you would traditionally eat dumplings in China, by dipping them in a small bowl with chilli, garlic, rice vinegar and soy sauce. I’ve had dumplings before, but these were a revelation. I had to stop myself eating more dumplings before the glutton in me took over.

For our mains, we shared Crispy Northern Chicken (£10.40) and Fishballs with Chilli (£9.70). The chicken dish was loaded with ginger and carrots, and had a very unique and delicious flavour. The fishballs reminded me a little of Thai fishcakes. They were really tasty and the chilli sauce that accompanied it did have heat, which was exactly what I was looking for. We also shared Aubergine with Garlic (£5.40). Aubergines are one of my favourite vegetables, but I had never tried them Chinese-style before. This dish was incredibly tasty and I’ll definitely be having it again the next time I visit.

After all that food you’re probably thinking that we must have skipped dessert? Come on, you all know me better than that! We shared four Mixed Fruit Dumplings (£3.85) with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The sweet pastry crust was filled with apples and berries and was surprisingly light and incredibly tasty.

I had a great evening at Chop Chop. The food was excellent and the service was second to none. I can’t see me going anywhere else for a Chinese meal in Edinburgh from this point onwards, Chop Chop really was that good!


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  • Lisa

    I love Chinese food. Those dumplings look very tasty!

  • chiara

    The dumplings were even better than they look, Lisa! Can’t wait to go back for more x