Cha Cha Laca

I’ve become completely obsessed with Mexican food recently. At least once a week I make either chilli, burrito bowls or quesadillas for dinner, always served with mountains of guacamole. So when Cha Cha Laca opened in Edinburgh recently, I decided it would be the perfect excuse to get my Mexican hit.

We visited on a Saturday lunchtime and were surprised to find a two-course lunch menu for just £7.50. These sorts of menus are great, but I do sometimes find the choice can be quite limited. Not at Cha Cha Laca. There was a great selection of starters and main courses, so much so that we struggled to decide what to have. Whilst we were waiting, we made a start on our pitcher of Chihuahua margarita, a blend of tequila, agave and pink grapefruit juice, which was far too drinkable.

Now, let’s talk about the food. It was very good. To start we shared nachos and mini quesadillas, all of which came with a tangy salsa and lovely smooth guacamole.

For the main event, the three of us worked our way through a vegetable burrito, and street tacos with chicken and beef. All three dishes were delicious.

I was really impressed by Cha Cha Laca. The food was authentic, the service was swift and friendly, and since it doubles up as a tequila bar, I can see myself going back just for a drink. Well, I could definitely go another Chihuahua margarita!

  • http://twitter.com/oddlylovely Cat

    Mexican food is HUGE in California, so I totally understand your passion! I actually just had a burrito for lunch, haha. Most of my friends eat Mexican food at least a few times a week, both at home and out at taco trucks and restaurants. It’s so awesome you found a good spot in Edinburgh, since I kind of assumed most of the UK was sadly lacking in this awesome ethnic food.


  • chiara

    This is one of the many reasons I soooo want to visit California, Cat. You’re right the UK is sadly lacking in good quality, authentic Mexican food, but slowly and surely it is getting better

  • http://wildheartsandgreentea.blogspot.com Wild Hearts + Green Tea

    Looks like a great place, would definitely go here if I ever come across one!

  • http://www.cityloveee.blogspot.com Christina

    I LOVE Mexican, too. It could possibly be my favorite cuisine. Those drinks look yummy!

  • http://tia-cherie.blogspot.com Imogen

    I would love this because mexican food is my favourite.

    • chiara

      You’re right Imogen, Mexican food is so good!x

  • http://www.ohgoshblog.co.uk/ em

    Mexican food is my weakness. And this looks yummy. But the tequila. There may have been a night I drank too much, maybe 10 shots too much and now we’re no longer friends. So you can keep the tequila, but I’ll have the food, ‘kay? x

  • http://worldbloggers.net/ nivika

    This looks so delicious! The restaurant looks similar to Wahaca.