Burger Meats Bun

Burger meet bun burger and chips

Warning, this review WILL make you very hungry. Reliving it is making me hungry, but the consolation is I got to eat one of the best burgers I have ever eaten. Fact. If you’re thinking that’s quite a bold statement then you’ve obviously never visited Burger Meats Bun. I advise you get on that, immediately if not sooner.

This restaurant does what is says on the tin; burgers. Beef, chicken and veggie, it knows how to sandwich some prime meat in a brioche bun and make it sing. I’m a beef girl, so I went for the Big Cheese, which came served with Barwheys Cheddar and BMB burger sauce. It was so good. The meat was prime, the burger was perfectly cooked and the sauce was oh-so tasty.

Rob had the Hot-Chic burger, a crispy chicken breast with Toma Raschera cheese, mayo and chipotle sauce. It was just as good as the Big Cheese. We sat with very smug looks on our faces as we chomped our way through this feast. I say feast, because there was more to come. Maldon sea salt chips and haggis popcorn. Did I mention we were really hungry/greedy?

In short, and I’m probably stating the obvious here, Burger Meats Bun was amazing. If by now you’re not already planning a visit, then I’m sorry, but there’s no hope for you.


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  • Lisa

    Oh my god, I went at the weekend and it is burger heaven!x

  • chiara

    So glad you liked it Lisa!x

  • http://oddlylovely.com Cat

    I have to say, Americans have a very unsavory opinion of haggis, even though most of us haven’t tried it. But those haggis popcorn balls look SO GOOD. I’m so curious what they taste like. It’s only 9am here, but now I’m really feeling like eating a burger, haha.


    • chiara

      I can get that. I try to not think about what it is, otherwise I wouldn’t eat it. It helps that these were particularly tasty though!x