Another greedy Italian

This Thursday and next, I will be busy. I haven’t taken up a new hobby, and neither has my social life taken a turn for the better. Instead, I will be spending my evening with two greedy Italians, Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo.

Their BBC2 show is now in its second season, where the two self-proclaimed ‘greedy Italians’ return to the Motherland to see how vested traditions are surviving the modern day.

Further to their nostalgic reunion with the glorious ‘Italia’, the two chefs cook along the way. Finding idyllic locations to cook in Italy is by no means difficult, with the chefs showcasing the best in rustic Italian produce, delivered in stunning surroundings.

Perhaps it’s the way I regard myself as another greedy Italian, or perhaps it’s 60 minutes of escapism. Whatever your plans are tonight, I suggest you take up residence in your comfiest sofa with an amaretto, limoncello or a good old cup of tea, to take in this delightful, romantic and entertaining show.