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An ode to autumn

Winter walk

Today is the start of a new season. The first official day of leaves falling off trees, pumpkins appearing everywhere – including in my coffee – and the light taking on an amber hue that only happens at this time of year. Autumn has officially arrived and with it brings so many of wonderful things. It’s my favourite season and so I’m dedicating today’s post to autumn and a few of the reasons why it makes me so happy.

1. There are leaves fit for crunching lining every street and I love it. I will go out of my way to stand on leaves just so I can hear the unbeatable crunching sound. It makes me feel like I’m five years old again. What could be better than that?

2. Pumpkins are everywhere, and it’s time to embrace them. They make for delicious soups, salads and wedges, and heck, they even taste great in a pumpkin spiced latte. They are the kings of the squash and they know it.

3. Cold crisp days. Don’t you just love those bright and sunny autumn mornings where you can get all wrapped up, go out for a walk and breath in that lovely, fresh autumnal air? I know I do.

4. Comfort food is a go-go. Now that the weather is starting to turn and the nights are getting darker, it’s time to switch up salads for hearty soups and stews. My favourite kind of food.

5. The landscape. Everywhere you look in this most amazing of seasons, the orange leaves have painted the streets a shade of amber gold and autumnal light seems to make this all the more spectacular.

There you have it, just a few of the reasons why I adore autumn. What is your favourite season?

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  • http://confuzzledom.wordpress.com/ bevchen

    I love pumpkins. I wish I could eat them all year round! Not such a fan of the rain though.

  • http://www.themidnightblog.com/ Charlotte

    Crisp sunny autumn mornings + autumn leaves are the best. I’m in love with this season! :)

  • Sooae Lee
  • http://ancaslifestyle.co.uk/ Anca

    I like everything you said. I also like Autumn because I have so many things to celebrate, beside Halloween and Christmas is my birthday, hubby’s birthday, our first date and getting the dog :)

  • http://acrossthehogsback.wordpress.com/ Gianni Washington

    Autumn is hands down my favorite season. Finally, I get to wear sweaters every day!!!

  • http://www.fictionburns.blogspot.co.uk lonestarsky

    I LOVE seasonal posts, especially autumn as its my favourite season too. Love everything you mentioned; mostly I love the colours and smells, also being outside on a cool, crisp day and inside by the fire with a warm drink on a chilly evening :)

  • http://www.fullofbeansandsausages.com/ Holly Hollyson

    I just love fall and anything about fall and not least when we bloggers begin discussing everything lovely that comes with fall! That coat in the photo is so pretty!

  • https://lostinseasons.wordpress.com/ kate @ lostinseasons

    Yes, yes, yes to all of this.

    I actually haven’t got a favourite season. I try to find beauty in every single one of them because it makes each part of the year really exciting. I love taking photos and it’s quite a challenge to find something new in every new season, year by year…. and I rather love that.

    I think it’s easy to dislike autumn because the days grow shorter and colder and the summer is over — but that’s precisely why people should try and fall in love with hit. Colder days means more jumpers and jackets and boots! Shorter days? No problem, let’s lit a candle, have a cuppa and read some fantastic books. There’s so much beauty in everything around us in every season. It’s just that we need to learn a new way to look at it.