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An evening with Nespresso

You all know how much I love coffee, right? The number of blogs, tweets and Instagram shots that I share that involve coffee are countless. So when a girl gets an invite to an evening dedicated to coffee, I could hardly say no. I even steered clear of my morning Americano in preparation and it was worth it.

Nespresso 1

The event was held by Currys PC World at the super stylish G&V Hotel on the Royal Mile, a great place to showcase 30 years of Nespresso coffee machines. With a glass of Prosecco firmly in hand, we were walked through the ages and the innovation that has gone with it. I didn’t quite realise just how ahead of the game Nespresso was until they showed us they had been one step in front of the market every time.

Nespresso 2

Before we were treated to a five-course dinner, the newest addition to the Nespresso coffee machine family was unveiled; the Nespresso Prodigio. This incredible piece of kit is the brand’s first connected coffee machine. That means that from your phone you can set the Prodigio to have your coffee ready for you when you wake up in the morning. You have no idea how excited I was by that prospect. It’s also a pretty damn lovely looking machine, too.

Nespresso 3

After we all realised the world of coffee making was about to change forever, it was time to open our taste buds up to the idea of five-courses inspired by coffee. For the first course, we were asked to wear blindfolds and try to guess what we were eating. It turned out to be an incredible combination of buffalo mozzarella with tomato jam and a coffee bean jus. It was very tasty.

Following our starter, we had risotto flavoured with Nespresso Cosi, served with yellow peppers and fresh tomato petals. This was a great course and so different to anything I’ve ever tasted before.

Nespresso 4

After the risotto, we were served venison loin with mixed mushrooms and a Nespresso Kazaar flavoured custard, which had been fried. We were promised there was going to be coffee in every course and this was such a unique way to get it into this dish.

To end our meal was a pudding so good, that it easily falls into that category of puddings I’ll never forget. A coffee-flavoured pannacotta was served with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and a chocolate and Nespresso Caramelita crisp. It was incredibly good.

Nespresso 5

After our desserts we helped ourselves to cups of Nespresso coffee before supping on some Espresso martinis. It was quite a feast and one that I’m not about to forget anytime soon. I might even have a go at making that dessert … it will never taste as good, but when you like something that much you need to at least try and replicate it.

Are you coffee fans? What’s the one drink you couldn’t live without?

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  • http://mitziemeeblog.com/ Mitzie Mee

    I don’t like coffee, but I love Nespresso:) I only drink the ones with caramel, chocolate and vanilla, and I mix it with a lot of milk and syrup, because I still haven’t learnt to drink black coffee :) It sounds like a nice event, and the food with coffee looks really tasty.

  • http://www.mirandasnotebook.com Miranda | Miranda’s Notebook

    Oh my goodness that dessert looks so good! What a fun evening! I have to admit though I don’t really like coffee and rarely ever drink it, but I love the smell of it (is that weird?!). xxx

  • Sooae Lee
  • Monique | WritingMonique

    Awesome! I am no coffee fan, but I love latte-art and pretty coffee machines! Love the bright colors!

  • http://harrietemily.com Harriet Emily

    Wow, this event looks amazing! The dessert looks soooo delicious! I’m so glad you had such a fun evening Chiara! <3

  • http://allthe.me/ Kalliste

    That looks like a lot of fun! I’m not a coffee person at all but I can see how that would be great if you were. It’s interesting to see how they used coffee in each of the courses.

  • http://www.mintnotion.com/ Eden Mint

    I just recently got into coffee. This sounds like a really fun event and the food pairs nicely with the nespresso. I have been wanting to try one of their machines!


  • http://www.ohgoshblog.co.uk/ Em

    I got invited to a similar event down here but i had to decline as I really don’t like the flavour of coffee, not even in a dessert! I wish I did like coffee though as it smells so good! And all the cool kids hang out in coffee shops drinking triple mocha cafe lattes or something don’t they? x