All about the eve

I’m a hard one to please when it comes to saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming in the new. In fact, I’m not really a fan of any scenario where ‘forced fun’ is the theme. This year, the decision was taken out of my hands. Rather than meeting friends at Treacle for the start of 2012, becoming ill has meant that my body has ultimately made the decision for me – I will be staying in, and having an entirely alcohol free night. Not one to be told what to do, ordinarily I would ignore my dwindling immune system, and head out anyway. Although Hogmanay isn’t necessarily my cup of tea, I do suffer cabin fever on this night where everyone else seems to be out painting the town red. Did I mention I was hard to please?

Being ill and having to stay put has created the perfect environment for turning my attention to my blog. My excuses for not sharing my recent culinary adventures are simple – I became a Christmas cliche. Tired, stressed and busy, my attention was temporarily diverted. I am now pleased to say, it is back on track. And to get me back in the swing of things, here are a few thoughts on a recent lunch at Metropole.

Set in an old bank on Newington Road, Metropole provided us with much needed sanctuary from a dreary Saturday. Cold and hungry, we soon found ourselves heating up nicely in the cosy surroundings, mulling over what to order.

The menu was varied, with a selection of main dishes, sandwiches and small plates. I opted for a main dish of marinated chicken skewers, served with a spiced lentil salsa (£7.95). The chicken was perfectly cooked, and still moist. Attention had been paid when cooking the lentils – although they were cooked through, they still had a nice bite to them, with just enough heat from the spice to bind the dish.

My dining partner opted for a sweet potato, butternut squash and chickpea curry, served with rice and flatbread (£6.95). The curry itself was tomato based, and delicately spiced. The vegetables in the dish created a hearty meat alternative, leaving this carnivore entirely satisfied.

We ended our meal with a slice of chocolate and beetroot cake. We shared a wedge of the deliciously moist cake, which helped to fill us up before we ventured back out into the cold.

Lunch at Metropole was delicious. Two healthy and filling main courses where rounded off with a not so healthy dessert, but it is the season when counting calories becomes a matter of intense mathematics, something I’ve never been good at. With friendly staff, and a playlist reminiscent of my own iTunes library, eating and relaxing in this Edinburgh establishment was a great way to spend a few hours of a Saturday.


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  • Alison

    I love Metropole. Really good food since it was taken over last year and puddings delicious! Must head back thee soon, thanks for reminding me.

  • Chiara

    I really enjoyed my lunch there. Great food at a really reasonable price. Nice surroundings too.