A space to call my own


It puts everyone in a better mood and it changes the landscape of British conversation. Of course, I’m talking about the incredible weather we’ve been having recently. Summer clothes are in abundance, the streets smell of barbecues and most of us are spending as much time as we can outside. This got me thinking about outdoor space, and the premium it comes at if like me, you live in a city. I choose to be a city girl – if I was to move a mere 10-miles outside of Edinburgh, I would likely be able to afford my own outdoor space. But, the fact is, I don’t want to. Did I mention my heart belongs in the city?

I do have access to some green space – a garden that I share with the other residents in my tenement block. Largely, I use it more than the other neighbours do, but there are those times when I crave to have that feeling that nobody can intrude upon my own little sanctuary. And that’s when I found the image below on Pinterest. This is definitely where I’d like to be spending my time at the moment, cats and all.

  • Lisa

    What a lovely space. I hope you get your very own one day!

  • chiara

    Thanks Lisa, me too!