31 years, 56 days

On Saturday, I planned a whole day of fun to celebrate Rob’s 31st and 56 days birthday. I know what you’re thinking … why such a random celebration? We’ve not all of a sudden decided that we’re entitled to a very royal second birthday, although I think it’s a great idea personally. In actual fact, I was ill on Rob’s actual birthday, so he had a distinctly uncelebratory day, whilst I was passing out, running a temperature and generally being pretty poorly. So I think you’ll agree, he was definitely deserving of a birthday do-over.

We had breakfast at home before heading to see Generation: 25 Years of Contemporary Art in Scotland.

After climbing up the Mound, we joined Edinburgh Festival revellers and soaked up some of the atmosphere, before visiting St Giles Cathedral. If you haven’t been there before, it’s beautiful and well worth a visit.

All this sightseeing left us hungry and so we headed up to George Square and soon sniffed out some wood-fired pizzas from So La Ti Dough. This was one of the best pizzas we had tasted in a long time.

Rob chose ice cream over cake, so we headed to Mary’s Milk Bar, where mint choc-chip was on the cards. It was so good.

After a long walk, we gravitated towards home, but not before a stop off at The Cumberland, for wine, gin and some amazing chorizo crisps.

So that was Rob’s birthday take two. All of his favourite things crammed into one fun-filled day. What did you do this weekend?

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6 Responses to 31 years, 56 days

  1. Rob says:

    Happy Birthday to me!!!

  2. How fabbbbb , those pizzas look and sound seriously delicious … may have to go and source a slice ( or two )

    I haven’t been to the Cumberland yet even though it is kinda on our way home … mmm.

    Oh , and LOVE the idea of a second Birthday . Happy Birthday to Rob ! x

    • chiara says:

      India, the pizzas are so good, you have to give one a go! Oh and the Cumberland is a lovely pub, definitely worth a visit x

  3. Dennis McBryde says:

    Woohoo happy second birthday Rob. I’m guessing its like second breakfast but with added awesome…

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